Monday, December 14, 2009

The Late-Night Excursion

Friday night, as an exhausting week drew to a close, I was more than tired. As it happened, we had some company for the evening seudah (meal). Nevertheless, since shabbas (the Sabbath) starts early in the winter, after our guests left it was still pretty early. For once, I did not go out walking, but opted for the more prudent choice after such a hectic week: I went to sleep. Ricki was still wide awake, and wanted to go out and play. I warned her that to do so was dangerous, and that I did not allow her out the front door. So she took several books out to read, and I went off to catch up on some sleep.
A few minutes later my husband woke me: “Where’s Ricki?”
He had searched the house, and she was not home. A glance out the window showed us that she was sitting alone outside in the windy weather. Needless to say, she was called home, “caught hell”, and sent to bed. But a telling-off was not all. On Saturday morning and noon I made her eat alone by herself in the kitchen, away from the family. Because I know that wagging a “tisc-tisc” finger at her is not enough. She needs some feel-it-in-your-guts consequences.
And next week I better stay up and go walking.......

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