Tuesday, December 29, 2009

“But We HAVE That Disc!”

During Chanukah, I took Ricki one day to a musical-type of production. As we were leaving, Ricki saw that they were selling cassette tapes and discs from previous performances. And since this group is one of the better ones, we had all but one of the plays in our sound collection at home.
Go tell Ricki that! The discs had different pictures on them from the tapes of the same play, and thus Ricki could “see” that they were selling items we don’t own.
“Yes, Ricki, we don’t have the tape, but we DO have the disc!”
“Ricki, we DO have this tape; you just never saw the outer cover....”

At least there was ONE that I could purchase, and that mollified her a bit....

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Cindy said...

Many years ago I worked in a book store. Alvin Toffler's book "Future Shock" had just come out and it came with different coloured covers. The number of people who bought more than one copy of the book, because of the different cover, then returned it because it was the same, was a great source of amusement. Even if we told them it was the same book, they didn't believe us until they started to read it themselves.