Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time to Buy Film

Yesterday Ricki had a class trip. Already two years ago I bought her a camera so she can take one on trips like all the other girls. (She came home one day and said, on Wednesday there is a trip. We have to bring drink, a sandwich, a camera….”, as if it was a requirement….. so I bought her one.)
The day before the trip I realized suddenly that if she wanted to take the camera, we would need to buy film. So I decided to send Ricki to buy the roll at a store half a block away. My husband protested vehemently, so eventually I agreed to shadow her.
I am proud to report that she purchased the roll with absolutely no problem, and did an all-around marvelous job of it. She asked the seller to put the roll in the camera, and she watched the money carefully.
On the way home, we stopped in a gift store, and we agreed to purchase her a nice purse for weekdays. She wanted to do the payment process herself, so I signaled to the store owner to purposely give her a bit less than the amount of change coming to her. She smiled in understanding. Ricki walked out of the store without asking for the remainder of the change, so I sent her back in to “complain.”
So now she has a purse. I have often let her handle her bus card, and pay her own fare, but I decided that from now on it will really be Ricki’s responsibility, including asking me for money BEFORE the old cards finishes. Obviously I will have to have a “backup” card prepared for emergencies, until she gets experience, but that is the direction we are heading.

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