Thursday, January 1, 2009


Imagine sitting in the playground with your kids. One is on a toy a minute's walk away. A siren sounds. You have 15 seconds to reach cover. 15 seconds! Try taking a shower. The siren sounds. You have 15 seconds to take cover. 15 seconds! You are driving to work. You pass an empty lot, and the siren sounds. There is NO WAY you can reach shelter in 15 seconds. Would YOU agree to live like this?


Belinda said...

We will pray for the peace of Israel. We are commanded to do so and mostly I know that I forget to do so but this is such a powerful reminder.

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic and i have passed it around as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

While I can certainly appreciate the message of the video, there are some errors - MOST of the US cities they've shown are not within 30 miles of the border to Mexico (Phoenix, for one is about 200 miles, maybe more from the border). I realize they are trying to make a point, but without correct facts, it actually weakens their arguments.