Sunday, September 21, 2014

My New Goals for the Next Several Weeks, Plus a Mazel-Tov

    Unfortunately yesterday evening I overate again… this overeating Saturday evening has become a vile habit… I was confident that this week I would lick it, but I didn’t completely. But I am not giving up and I have to try to think up some strategy that will work.
    It’s as if a sudden mood of madness envelopes me.
   Thinking deeper, I think that it is related to being on the computer late at night, which is often a trigger for overeating for me. I always get plenty of sleep Friday evening plus a nap on Saturday, so I am wide awake at 10 PM. So I get on the computer, and the snacking begins.
1)        Set a clock by the computer with a firm resolution not to go beyond a set time. No watching true crime shows (WHY in heaven’s name do I even WATCH this junk??? The plot is always the same: spouse kills partner due to lover…. BLEECH).  I will need to push off ALL non-essential computer stuff until Sunday day.
2)        Don’t rely on my general “be-good before and during-the-holidays-prize” that I have lined up. (Which is expensive enough that it SHOULD be doing the trick, but it isn’t.) Choose a prize to enjoy Sunday if I do OK.
3)        After set time on computer finishes, read a book in BED.

    I really am determined that now is the time to finally get rid of the last two-three  kilos to get to the upper limit of my maintenance weight range. And preferably, I want to reach a few kilos below that.  I plan to maintain my weight over the upcoming holidays (which will be a feat in itself; I always gain holiday time….), and thenover the next month and a half after that to lose and get into, finally, my goal weight range. It’s about time.
*  *   *   *
Mazel tov to me! I have a new grandson!


sara g said...

Mazal tov!

Batya said...

Mazal tov!
Maybe you shouldn't sleep so much on Shabbat and go to bed earlier motzei Shabbat.