Monday, December 23, 2013

A Bit of Independence

    Now what I am going to write here is probably VERY passé for the younger crowd. But in my day, women often left "man's jobs" to… men.
   Now what is defined as a "man's job" varies from culture to culture, and often from household to household. But often in the hustle and bustle of daily life it becomes very easy to ignore the burnt out bulb, the plumbing job, or the "hang it up there" until the male spouse arrives.
   But there are several drawbacks to all this. First, when tired husband arrives, the long-awaited job may still wait… and wait…. and wait. In addition, we women must be aware that there is a good chance that the male half of the couple may someday be ill. Or that we may someday find ourselves living on our own, for whatever reason.
   So change that new type of fluorescent bulb, or whatever, if you have the chance. Do it when you are young, so that when you are older (and not as stable as you once were) it will already be easy to do; you will have the task down pat already.

   [Written by the proud changer of the new-fangled type of fluorescent bulb. But the 2nd bulb, that STILL won't light  (due to damage, it seems, to the housing), is awaiting my SIL the electrician.]


tesyaa said...

This is the story of my life. I can fix things... but I'm not sure my daughters can. Having seen me, though, I'll bet they'd at least give it a try.

Batya said...

My daughters can fix and do fix things, as do my sons. It's my husband who has difficulties with those tasks. Over the years we had all sorts of "adopted sons" who taught my kids how to do all these things, B"H. And my son-in-law is very handy and doesn't care which of the kids help him.

mikimi said...

I totally hear you but as I am the ultimate klutz and being short with no ladder my climbing on a chair and for endangering my health (ankle surgery) often means that to even change a simple light bulb means I need to ask for help from a friend or neighbor. I feel so inept at times! And yet I often can give organizational pointers to friends in various other household things.