Sunday, September 11, 2011


I wish I had something truly profound to say about the loss of life at the World Trade Center (and other sites) ten years ago. I don’t. It is beyond me. I remember the tremendous shock that afternoon (here in Israel it was afternoon when the disaster occurred), when I heard of the towers falling. With a numbing disbelief at the power of a few evil people to wreck such carnage and suffering, I stayed glued to the newscasts.
Here in Israel we are almost used to terror attacks, but in truth, one never (and SHOULD NEVER) gets used to it. True, our losses are smaller, but when the numbers lost are compared to the total population size, we in Israel have suffered higher losses. Now, I am not hoping to take the “most suffering” title. But when I look at America, and how they correctly realize today that such atrocities are exactly that, I wonder how can these same people (a section of them) shrug off and do not understand our efforts in Israel to combat and contain terror. I should think that all those who are appalled at the disasters that occurred ten years ago would realize that fighting terror is serious, and must be done.

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