Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

Well, the first few light showers have already come, a welcome change after the hot summer days. Last week as the first rains started, Ricki went running to the window to watch. And then she did what I KNEW she would: she grabbed an umbrella, stepped out to the porch, and started dancing in the rain. Once this would have bothered me, it not being normal, appropriate behavior. Today I can accept better that my daughter does “strange” things, including showing her exuberance (which all the rest of us are too bashful to share…).


mikimi said...

i know others who dance in the rain, just maybe not on the porch.You at least have an umbrella nearby.

Cindy from CA said...

Dancing in the rain sounds perfectly wonderful! I love to stand in the rain, maybe I should take a lesson from Ricki and dance in the rain the next time I have the chance :)