Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Independence Day in Israel

Today is Independence Day in Israel, a day which is very different than most “holidays” here. Almost all holidays here are based on religion, and usually include prohibitions of traveling by car or bus. Independence Day is not like that.
So today Ricki doesn’t have school, but she does have an activity program from 10 AM to 15:00. This suits me fine, as I am planning a noon-time activity with some of my older children, and it will be a bit easier if Ricki does not join us. HOWEVER, that means that she will need to come home on the bus by herself. Now, she is very familiar with this bus line, but on the way to her activities I again pointed out where she gets off and on the bus.
I mentioned that she gets off on street “XYZ” and she said “XYZ”??? “I don’t know that street!”
I replied “Yes you do. When we get there I will show you and you will remember that the bus stop is there. You just don’t know the NAME of the street.”
Sure enough, when she we reached the corner of “XYZ” street, she said “The bus stop is here!” I pointed to the street sign, and asked her “And what is the name of the street?”
She smiled a big grin as she realized what XYZ street was, and where it was. She had been reassured that she IS familiar with it.

Postcript to today’s post:
Ricki made it home fine on the bus. Then she phoned me every half hour to hear when I would be arriving home.

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