Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rub-ADub- Dub….

Background information on hearing aids: (written in a previous post, July 24th)
This tiny piece of electronics costs about $3,000. And while Ricki CAN get by without it short term, she needs it long term: to hear better and more clearly in school, for language improvement, and to save my sanity (since without the aid she puts her tapes at TOP volume). [Try listening to some idiotic children’s tape at top volume ten times in a row, and see if you are not a candidate for the “funny farm”.] However, $3,000 is about a tenth of our yearly income. The original aid was paid in part by the health department, but I quickly checked and learned that they do not pay for replacements every year.

And so I offer a quick ditty
(and it “ain’t” pretty) (the cadence is all off….)

Hearing aid in the wash-tub,
Placed in a pocket,
Oh, Vay!! Not-it!
Got scrubbed squeky-clean.
But it doesn’t squek,
Doesn’t squak,
It doesn’t amplify any talk…..
Just a bit of a whir….
(Oh how I will it to stir!)

I’ll place it in the sun
(Wishfully thinking)
But my hopes are rapidly sinking….

$3,000 down the drain
(That’s quite a strain.)
Wish I had a chance to sort
The laundry again.
* * * * *
Well, once previously I got a good drying out to resurrect the aid, but that was a ½ second dip in soup. This was a full cycle of washer/dryer. Hmmm. Wish me luck!

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Jennifer said...

Yikes, good luck! I hope the sun works some miracles...