Monday, November 3, 2008


Ricki is learning the social subtleties of life. And appreciation.
Ricki received a few days ago a small birthday gift from one of her classmates. And for once, she felt the need to reciprocate. She went to her drawer, searched for something, and choose a very nice trinket she had been given by me as a prize. I noted that it was something fitting for an eighth grader. She then took a sheet of colored paper, wrote a letter (hope the friend will manage to decipher it….), and packed it all away to her school bag for tomorrow.


FAB said...

How wonderful! So many of the people I support never get the chance to reciprocate, they're not given the opportunity, don't have relationships with many people beyond "paid friends." This simple act is so menaingful and beautiful!

mishmum said...

That is nachas to see, albeit it was something you gave her. :)