Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Aladdin’s Lamp


The week before last (last week’s album) the 52 frames photo challenge theme was “Lamp”. (I have been doing this weekly for 360 weeks.) I was terribly busy (it was the middle of Passover, and I was cooking for 12 people for the last two days of the holiday). BUT I had a good idea: Aladdin’s lamp. I had thought of the idea ages ago, and previously had purchased a lamp that suited the theme, saving it for when the 52 frames theme would “fit”. I asked my son to come pose as Aladdin, but I guess he forgot, never showing up. So I “posed” myself, using light painting. The results were not that great; hopefully someday I will shoot the idea again, better.
OK, I can hear you all saying: ”Ahhhhhhh- WHAT has THIS to do with weight loss?” Well, here is how:

One of the fellow members on the 52 frames site wrote a comment on the photo: “I hope he granted your WISHES!” I replied: “Actually, it was me, so I guess I will need to do it myself!”

Yep...... there is no fairy G-dmother, no magic Aladdin, no “Wish and it will happen”.
If you want to get the “good things” you wish for, you will need to make a plan to reach those successes, and work on carrying out those plans. There are no shortcuts. The good news is that by changing our actions, we CAN work "magic"!

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Batya said...

Nice to hear the story behind the picture.