Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Whole lot of Mistakes

   The first mistake was that of the drug company to run out of medicinal cream that my husband needed. I went to a few local pharmacies, but none had the ointment he needs this week...and all blamed the drug company. (He needed 2 ointments, and none had the first med; one pharmacist did have the second, but I didn't buy it, as I needed the prescription for the first, more important salve.)
   So I called the health fund for help, and they located a tube of the first ointment in the health fund pharmacy about 20 minutes walk away. So I told the pharmacy  to save it for me, I would be coming. I could have taken the bus, but not yet having gotten my 10,000 daily steps in for the day, I elected to walk.
   Here I need to explain that I don't like wearing my boots. I have rather large feet, and the only boots I have found in my size have relatively smooth soles, and are not conducive to quick (ie, aerobic) walking. So I only wear them when I REALLY need to.   Now this morning I had been out, and the weather had been fairly dry for what had been forcasted as a very  "rainy day". So since it wasn't raining when I left the house, I wore regular shoes.  That was MY mistake.
 To make a long story short, I was caught in a deluge. Heavy rains and gusty winds drenched me. In addition, road construction forced me to walk through ankle-high rivulets. And then from the pharmacy I had to take a bus to past my house, to return to the first pharmacy in order to obtain the SECOND ointment. (For some reason, the health fund pharmacy didn't have it, only the first….). From there I had to walk home, again in the pouring rain.
   Now I am NOT complaining about the rain. We need every drop.But I hope I learned my lesson to wear my boots more often. And of course, on arriving home I plucked a pair of warm socks from my drawer, and put them on the radiator. Then I went to change my sodden skirt, and topped that off with wearing the warmed-up socks.
   I'm glad that at least I got the last bit of my aerobic walking in for the day. Maybe tomorrow I'll try canoeing……


Batya said...

Because of the rain, I wore my uncomfortable boots to get to work and then changed to the more comfortable ones at work and then reversed to go home.
At least you got the meds, B"H.

Cindy said...

Your last sentence made me laugh! I hate getting caught in the rain. Hopefully that ointment will last a while!