Sunday, November 11, 2012


   This evening I traveled to Jerusalem for the wedding of a friend's daughter, but somehow I made a mistake. There is no wedding at that hall tonight. That's a three-hour mistake! .

   Not only that, but I was missing the exercise I had planned on getting dancing at the wedding. So upon arriving home, I pulled out a list of music videos some friends had given me. One called "Footlose "  looked good, so I tried to copy the steps. Suddenly there were the jumps. "Jumps!?!?"
I tried.

I jumped.

    I didn't manage to jump very high...but it WAS a jump. Probably my first in thirty five years...I was so thrilled I did several more!


belehcar said...

Go Rickismom!!! Great job!!! :)

Batya said...

lemonade out of lemons
We must get together to dance!