Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vanity Versus Health

    As I come closer to my ideal weight, the comments continue, usually something along the lines of:
-"Where is your other half?"
-"HOW did you do it?"
-"Rickismom, is that you?"

   But I have also been getting, much more frequently, urging to not lose more.
-"You look great, you've lost enough…"
-"If you lose more, it will just show in your face…"

    Now comments like these from anyone heavier than me are suspect. But lately, I've been getting these remarks also from thin women, and from people whose opinions I respect.
   As of today, my BMI is 30--- I am finally out of the "obese" range, but still classified as "overweight". I have been aiming for the higher side of the "normal", or "healthy" BMI range, which for my height is 66 kilos. I think that I can easily add 5 kilos to that figure, to compensate for extra skin layers (until I have them removed, if ever). That gives me a target of 73 kilos.
    However, I DO feel great where I am today… I have strength, feel good, and am pleased with myself.
   So yesterday I sat down to decide if I want to continue losing, and if so, by how much. Am I willing to have more facial wrinkles in order to reach a healthy BMI? Or since I feel so go-darn-good, maybe I CAN stop here? Is the difference between a BMI of 25  and 30 really going to have such an effect?

Vanity or Health?

   I one wrote that I'd rather LOOK old than FEEL old. But I already feel young, and wouldn't mind skipping those extra wrinkles……
    In the end, I decided that 5 more kilos will give me a buffer zone for maintenance, and to shoot for 75. And at that point, I'll be half of what I was about 4 years ago.


tesyaa said...

I read somewhere that the French have a saying that a woman has to choose between her face and her fanny...

Batya said...

R, I did it differently. I made my eating changes (which I've been living with for well over 3 years) and waited to see what my weight would end up.

I've been stable for 3 years but people still tell me that I look like I've lost more weight. Amazing

good luck

general cialis said...

I guess you can control by yourself your aging. If you really feel you are young you will stay young as long as you want to feel it. The main thing is to feel it inside your mind. Lossing weight gives you more inclination and confidenct to prove it.

mikimi said...

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