Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Disappearing Picture

The other night Ricki actually fell asleep with the CPAP machine on. It was so great to see her breathing deeply, even though she was prone… so I took a picture. (Although even THAT evening she tore the mask off when she was awakened by the machine going off, due to an electrical shortage). I remembered having transferred the photo to my computer, but a few days later, when I originally wanted to write about that evening, I could not find the image. I looked all over my photo files, yet I couldn’t locate it. I felt that it had fled, my only proof that Ricki CAN sleep with the CPAP. I felt that the disappearing picture was almost like an omen of her not wearing the machine…. Eventually, using the “search” option, searching for “photos altered in the past week”, I found the folder it had somehow gotten misplaced in. Then I even showed the picture to Ricki, hoping that this would encourage her to wear the CPAP, but no dice (at least not yet). But, for history’s sake, here is Ricki’s single longer-than-ten-minutes-use of the CPAP:
Let’s hope there will be more…..


Cindy said...

Hang on to that picture! Solid proof!

Belinda said...

Good for Ricki! I am so grateful for my own CPAP machine. It has made such a difference in my quality of life. I hope she notices that she feels better when she uses it.