Wednesday, March 24, 2010

13 Days Left…..

My title has my Jewish readers (if any are left at this point in the frantic days leading up to Passover….) scratching their heads in bewilderment. After all, there are only (after today) 4-and a-half days left until we reach the seder* evening, houses hopefully chometz-free**, and festive holiday foods bubbling on the stove. The amount of work involved is tremendous, and there is little else dominating our thought this morning.
But this morning, I discovered luxury. I awoke at the normal time (6:40 AM), and remembered that Ricki has no school today. That means no bus to catch. So I turned over and slept another hour.
I have 13 more I-decide-when-to-get-up mornings left until Ricki returns to school after Pesach (Passover).

*seder evening: the first night of Passover, the seder is held, a festive recitation of the exodus from Egypt.
** chometz-free: before Passover, we empty our houses of all leavened bread and product ("chometz")


Staying Afloat said...

You find the days she's home all day easier?

ds.mama said...

Oh, I love those mornings when I don't have to set the alarm. Does Ricki like to sleep in?

Ilana said...

Yeah, I was wondering what would be in *13* days -- but then I figured probably something about going back to school. ;-)

Batya said...

So she had a two week vacation. I get up the same time, no matter what. That's just me.

rickismom said...

The days she is at home all day are not nessarily easier. It depends on what I'm doing and what her mood is. But sleeping to 7:30 is an absolute luxery.
Usually if I sleep in, Ricki is OK, and she gets up and dressed on her own. But in these last days before Passover, we hid the remaining vestiges of leaven VERY well, so that she shouldn't drag them into the "clean for Pasover" areas.